Sky Zone

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SKy zone all started froma man named Rick PLatt. His fist idea of Skyzone was not going to be a trampoline place it was going to only be trampolines and bassketball.In 2004 Platt spent 2million dollars to build a 17,000 square foot trampoline arena to hire althletes to play.The sport of basketball and trampolines was not doing so well but he saw the intrest of some skateboarders like just to mess around in the trampolines so he decided to open up what is now known as Skyzone.

He charged $8 per person. In sixth month over 10,000 peple visited skyzone.PLatts son also open a smaller copany like skyzone but it was more affordable and was cheap to make the place.Platt is still the CEO of Skyzone and was known as the youngest CEO to be featured in a tv show called undervocer boss.